Zamfara: The New scramble of Africa

By: U. S. Adam.

Zamfara is a state located in the northwestern part of Nigeria with the estimated population of more than 3 million people (2006 census).

Majority of the people of Zamfara are Hausa and Fulani Muslims. Zamfara is blessed with lots of natural resources including Gold and Diamond.

African Nations in general have been under colonisation for centuries from the western imperialists, in the last decades, the colonisation has swiftly changed its wave from direct to indirect colonisation, where by the colonists are indirectly governing and managing the resources of the African Nations through the representation of the so called presidents.
That is not enough for them, their biggest dream now is how to recapture Africa again, so they planned for the use terrorism to reach their goal. Since then, African countries have been the victims of different social and religious conflicts.

Nigeria is also among the victim of this barbaric agenda where they are killing innocent lives everyday either in the name of Boko Haram, Herdsmen, armed bandits or kidnappers.
Zamfara state in particular have witnessed a lots of terrorist attacks in the above mentioned regards.
Recently hundreds of lives were lost in different part of the state which lead some youths to protest in Tsafe Local Government to call on the Federal Government of Nigeria to intervene and end the bloodshed and also called the state Governor to design his position since he is incapable of safeguarding the lives of the people of the state, but unfortunately the Nigerian army attacked the protesters and killed some of them.
This will clearly tell us that the Nigerian government only serve the selfish interest of its masters not the interest of its people.
Imaging a situation where the innocent citizens will be killed by both the terrorists and the soldiers of the country!

Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky before the Zaria massacre described the reasons behind the killings in Zamfara and other states in Nigeria, where he said “Zamfara has gold reserves. All they want is to clear the area of human habitation, construct an airfield and a military base, and then mine the gold. The landscape between Zaria and Birnin Gwari has gold deposits and other precious stones.”
He also added that,
“They want to similarly clear the areas and build an airship and mine unhindered. From Sokoto to Borno, there’s uranium, gold and platinum. That’s what they came to exploit, that they are using terrorism to achieve.”

Finally, Africans must unite and bring an end to this! Let’s stand up for our freedom. We are still under colonisation, we must set ourselves free. The so called independent is just a mare illusion.