Press Release Plan to kill Shaikh Zakzaky in his detention facility exposed

On January 25, 2019 the office of National Security Adviser ,wrote a letter to the Inspector General of Police telling him some concocted lies that the Islamic movement planning to attack some selected detention facilities in the country during the 2019 General Election . The letter was signed by one Sunusi M Galadima msi for the National Security adviser. On several occasions , some concerned Nigerians have been notifying the families of Shaikh Zakzaky that some paid agents within the security set-up that have link with some Imperialist and Saudi Arabia are desperate to conclude their contract of killing Shaikh Zakzaky . They want to create a fake Shia Muslims within the security set-up and attack some detention centers including where they are keeping the prime target , Shaikh Zakzaky(H). That will give them the chance to frame a story that Shiites attempted to forcefully free Shaikh Zakzaky and others, so there was an exchange of fire as a result they shot their leader. All Nigerians and the rest of the world know that the Islamic movement is not armed and this plan will fail . On Several occasions, pictures of the meetings of Mansur Dan Ali with Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bn Salma have circulated through most of the media outlets within and outside Nigeria. It is not a hidden fact that the Saudi Crown Prince told the world in one of his US interviews that Zaria Massacre is one among his numerous achievements in Africa. We are certain that all peaceful and responsible Nigerians know that we a are not terrorists. We have never attacked anybody, we have never attacked any buildings but on the contrary we are the victims of state sponsored terrorism. Over one thousand of our brothers and sister were massacred and yet, despite our number we refused to resort to violence instead we embark on legal process to seek for justice . The Federal High Court under Justice Gabriel Kolawale has set Shaikh Zakzaky free since 2016 but the government of General Buhari violated the court order. Who are the violators of the law? Is it the Islamic movement that follow the legal process to seek for justice from the government of Buhari that refused to obey court order? We therefore call on the general public and international communities that any violence that erupts in the name of the Islamic movement is the handwork of the agents of imperialism in the Nigerian Security set-up. The Islamic movement is neither a political party nor a partisan movement but an Islamic movement , it is a mass movement of millions of people , peaceful and well coordinated. We are not going to be used as tools for violence during the 2019 general election. We are not crowd, we are not gathered on the street or in social media,we have our fora and we are well coordinated. How can the Islamic movement that is known as the most peaceful movement in Nigeria; calling for a divine justice for fourty (40) years be attacking detention facilities over a night! Instead of creating lies in order to use such to destabilized and rig election for fear of loosing , you should seek for forgiveness of Nigerians for failing them. Why not focus on protecting the lives of Nigerians in Zamfara , Borno , Benue , Taraba , Yobe , Kaduna , etc from deliberate killings and kidnappings. We commend the Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate , Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Wazirin Adamawa for condemning the massacre of Shia Muslims and the tyrannic detention of Shaikh Zakzaky by the APC government of General Buhari. We also call on other politicians to follow suit in condemning such heinous crime against humanity. Any government that killed its own citizens that government is disastrous to the society. On a final note , we are calling on the APC government of General Buhari to respect the laws that constituted them as authorities and free Shaikh Zakzaky and other Nigerians detained illegally. Signed S.I Ahmad For the Academic Forum Of The Islamic Movements In Nigeria Email : 6/02/2019