Imam Week 2018 wrapped up in Nigeria

Imam Khomeini’s Week 2018 was held in many cities across Nigeria for five consecutive days, in memory of the leader of the Islamic  Revolution in Iran , Ayatollah Rohollah Al-Musavi Al-Khomeini(Q.S). The annual programme that was organized by the Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria began on the 31st May and ended today 4th June , 2018.

Sheikh Zakzaky (H) once said on the Imam “The World Need Only One Khomeini And It Has Gotten;Ours Is To Follow The Teachings Of Imam Khomeini. ”


How the programme went on is as follows:

– From 31- 05 – 2018 to 01-06-2018 Imam Khomeini awareness days
– Visitations: Hospitals, Prisons
– Sharing of items to people in need
– Documentary on the life of Imam Khomeini (Q.S) )



_Morning Session_
Unity in the the perspective of Imam Khomeini (Q.S)

_Night Session_
*Lessons derived from the revolution of Imam Khomeini (Q.S)*


_Morning Session_
Perseverance in the midst of persecution

_Night Session_
Zaria Massacre : A terrorism against Shaikh Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement


_Interactive Session_
The reasons why Shaikh Zakzaky must be freed

_Closing Lecture_
Imam Khomeini and the Concept of Wilayatul Faqih

Many Nigerians participated including Christians and Sunni Muslims.

Today being the 4th of June , 2018 supporters of Shaikh Zakzaky matched to the streets of Abuja , Nigeria in large number to show their support for Imam Khomeini and as well , demands for unconstitutional release of his son Shaikh Zakzaky(H).

Below are some of the pictures taking during the programmes across many states in Nigeria: