27th International Qur’an Exhibition opened in Tehran, Iran

The 27th International Qur’an exhibition commenced on Monday 13th May, 2019 at Imam Khomeini Juma’at Mosque (Mosalla Imam) Tehran in the evening. The exhibition will last until 24th May.

Sixteen countries have participated in this year’s event. Countries in attendance include; Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory coast, Malaysia, Oman, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Yemen, and others, with Pakistan serving as the special guest in the event. Guests in the event include the Qur’an commentators, religious, and some local and international officials.

In his remark, the chairman of the 27th International Qur’an exhibition, Abdulhadi Feqhizadeh expressed his gratitude to almighty Allah, who makes the event possible and prayed that the program will give a fruitful and effective result.

He added that, Qur’an is able to solve all the problems of the Muslim world that includes conflicts, disputes and misunderstandings if Muslims adhere to the teachings of the holy Qur’an.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Iran Dr. Riffat Masood described the Tehran International Quran Exhibition as a very important gathering that will enhance unity and understanding between the Muslim countries.

While commenting on the ancient history of the relationship between Pakistan and Iran, Mrs. Masood disclosed that without the impact of colonization Persian language could’ve been the official language of Pakistan.

Yasser Zahra, who represented the Iraq’s ambassador to Iran in the event also blessed the event with his words.

Photo Credit: Tahereh Babaei Iqna.